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Music Updates on Angel Lola Luv, Kelly Rowland, Estelle, & the “Arab Money” Naija Version

December 11, 2008

Trinidadian and Ethiopian model Angel Lola Luv has decided to put her attention onto a rap career. (She already did a cameo in Ludacris’ “One More Drink” video which you can watch over at Lola-Luv. Check out the promo photos that she did recently for her upcoming debut album. (Will you support Ms. Lola’s album?)

Angel Lola Luv Album promos
spotted at YBF

Kelly Rowland teamed up with MTV to film the special, “MTV Staying Alive: Diary of Kelly Rowland” as she travelled through South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya last Summer to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS. (Kelly is the Staying Alive Foundation Ambassador…and I think it’s great that Kelly lending her celebrity platform for a good cause.)

Diary of Kelly Rowland
[Click here to watch]

Estelle collaborated with Adidas to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary via this star-studded commerical.

Estelle for Adidas Originals
[Watch the Adidas Original Commerical with Estelle here]

Estelle also did a fun fashion shoot for “The Sunday Telegraph” magazine’s Stella. (It’s for the December 2008 edition.) She also has a feature in the December issue of In Style magazine.

Estelle all over the newsstand
spotted at Concrete Loop & Estelle Myspace Page

UPDATE: In a recent interview, Estelle has confirmed that she’s working on a follow-up to “Shine.”

“I’m really excited to start working on my next album. I’m going to go totally left field and surprise a lot of people. I’m going to hit it out the ball park with this one. I’m thinking a mix of COLDPLAY and MARVIN GAYE.” [source: The Sun]

The Naija version to Busta Rhymes’ hit, “Arab Money” quickly made its way to my inbox. (Thanks Baba!) The Naija remix surprises sounds great! Kudos to the masterminds behind the track – SamDee, O4shot/Wisdom, and Ugo!

Naija Arab Money Version
[Listen to it here]

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