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Your Obama Photo Fix

January 9, 2009

This week has been quite a eventful one for President-Elect Barack Obama and his family. Let’s recap with photos shall we?


Barack pose in the Oval Office of the White House with current U.S President George Bush and former-presidents (George H.W Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter). History in the making indeed…


Barack even gave some hilarious feedback on that one popular shirtless photo of him on vacation in Hawaii (see below). Michelle got him to blush and I quote:

Photo spotted at The Huffington Post via Bauergriffin

Well, the–I learned of that after the first day. But I think that… You know, it was–it was silly, but, you know, silliness goes with this job. Well, you know, the–my wife was tickled by me blushing.
Anyway, what point was I making here, John? We got sidetracked by the…
(source: Huffington Post)

Michelle and Barack snapped a few photos before Malia and Sasha’s first day of school on Monday January 5th. The Obama girls are enrolled at private Sidwell – Chelsea Clinton’s former alma mater.


Photo credit: AP/ Bauergriffin/ Reuters/ CHANGE.GOV/ OBAMA’S TRANSITION TEAM

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