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FG2BH Presents Best of Igbo Music

September 1, 2009

Igbo music then and now is known for our drums and rhythm coordination. Traditional Igbo music (Egwu nkwa ndi Igbo) is largely played at celebrations like weddings, birthdays, baby shower, and parties. Igbo music got a boost through its new genre highlife. Here are just a few Nigerian musicans that help put Igbo music on the map!


Rex Lawson – “Sawale” + “So Ala Temen – Yellow Sisi – Love Mu Adure”

“Sawale” by Rex Lawson has become one of my favorite Naija tunes. Lawson of Kalabari and Igbo descent was the inventor of Nigerian highlife.

Sir Warrior – “Iheoma” +”Obi Nwanne”

Whenever anyone mentions The Oriental Brothers you simply cannot forget the Originator of Highlife himself – Dr. Sir Warrior. Born as Christogonus Ezebuiro Obinna in Umuhu, Inyi-Ogwugwu Mbaise Nigeria, Warrior combined his strong Igbo vocals and his guitar gift to create many hits like Ana M Ele Chi and Obi Nwanne.


Oliver De Coque – “Ana Enwe Obodo Enwe” + “Biri Ka Mbiri”

Fusing West African music with highlife, De Coque (who helms from Anambra State, Nigeria) was coined the “King of Highlife.” He went on to have memorable hits, “Biri Ka Mbiri” and “Identity.”


Nnenna Freelon – “Round Midnight” + Straighten Up & Fly Away”

An American Jazz singer Nnenna was born Chinyere Nnenna Pierce in Cambridge, Massachusetts to Charles and France Pierce.


Lemar – “50/50” + “If She Knew”

British soul R&B singer/songwriter/producer first got his musical start on BBC’s Fame Academy back in 2002 and he (born Lemar Obika) went on to four albums and has the hit singles, “50/50” , “If She Knew”  to his roster.


P-Square – “Do Me” + “Bizzy Body”

Identical twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye are Nigerian’s biggest R&B duo thanks to their smash hits “Do Me”, “Bizzy Body” , and Roll It.

Got any favorite Igbo musicians?

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  1. October 5, 2009 6:41 am

    hy u boys u look to cool keep it up
    i love use guys i really like the way u singe


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