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Behind Chima Simone’s Big Brother 11 Hype

September 8, 2009


Are there any fans of Big Brother 11 on FG2BH? Well if you are, you’ll notice that there’s an Nigerian female house guest named Chima Simone. Chima is of Igbo descent which means “God Knows.”

In typical reality TV typecasting, Chima portrays the angry black girl with a nasty attitudeChima can be seen arguing with her cast mates and throwing tantrums. (SMH!)

The irony is that Chima was placed in the brains clique of the household. (Things that make me go hmm…) Chima was quickly elected the most outspoken house guest.

Here is what I dug on YouTube about Chima to support my claim…

Chima Attacks Braden

Chima Flirts with Russell

Meet Chima

Chima answers fans questions

Chima evicted from Big Brother 11 for violating rules by producers

Chima has since took to Big Brother Examiner to correct her typecasting. In the interview Chima went on record to defend her arguments with Russell…

I find it interesting that my personal attacks on Russell have been highlighted, but his attacks on me pushed under a rug. Selective portrayals? I think so. Russell did terrorize the house, especially the women in the house. Why America constantly finds men attacking women okay, yet vilifies the woman defending herself, will always confound me. But what’s done is done, now BB fans can find a new woman to hate. I didn’t sign up for what I was exposed to & I left gladly. It was the principle of the matter, the $500,000 prize be damned. That’s all for now! Take Care…’

Chima also disputed her eviction as a ‘voluntary departure.’

Whoever believes reality TV’s ”message? Drama sells! Nonetheless when you visit Chima’s profile page on CBS it is stressed that she’s educated and single.  I guess Chima’s no hold bars attitude is her way of saying she doesn’t tolerate BS. FG2BH readers – Aren’t you happy that more Nigerians/Africans are getting recognized in the celeb entertainment world???
Quick facts on Chima Simone:

  • Age: 33 years old
  • Birthday: July 28, 1976
  • Current Residence: West Hollywood, CA
  • Occupation: Freelance Journalist

If you enjoy Big Brother, there’s the African edition which Bella Naija has the scoop on.


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