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Video Delight: Ledisi, Noisettes & African Remix

October 8, 2009

LEDISI-TURN-ME-LOOSEA brief Google search on 2x-Grammy nominee/neo-soul songbird LEDISI confirmed that her name means “o come here” and “to bring forth” in Yoruba.

LEDISI however hails from The Big Easy (NEW ORLEANS). Music critics (re: NY DAILY NEWS) call her the next Chaka Khan.

Back in August LEDISI performed her current single, GOING’ THRU CHANGES. I love how the live performance completely shut down the studio version.

I simply LOVE this song called “Alright” from her debut album LOST & FOUND…

NOISETTES (with their lead vocalist SHINGAI SHONIWA) recently dropped by LETTERMAN, WENDY, AND ELLEN to perform their hit NEVER FORGET YOU off their current album WILD YOUNG HEARTS.


I love the fact that the background dancers wore ANKARA print jackets.
How did I let this video slip on by? It’s the African remix to Beyonce’s hit, SINGLE LADIES by YOUTUBE favorite NAIJABOYZ.  HILARIOUS!



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