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Barack & Michelle Obama’s Thalia Moment At Fiesta Latina Event

October 16, 2009

The performance clip (posted above) of singer Thalia, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at Tuesday night’s Fiesta Latina has turned the blogosphere into a comment-happy frenzy. Please hit the :36 mark to see what the Obama Marriage Drama hoopla (<–I say this while rolling my eyes) is all about.

Apparently Michelle gave Barack the ‘cold shoulder’ right after he danced with singer Thalia. Evidence of such below…


To quote late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, Michelle wasn’t too pleased . You already know the gossip mill eat this up. To quote one namely the New York Post

President Obama got the cold shoulder from wife Michelle last night after busting out in an impromptu salsa dance with spicy Latin pop star Thalia.

The surprise dance occurred during Fiesta Latina, a concert featuring Hispanic stars Gloria Estefan and Jose Feliciano, that took place inside a tent placed on the White House’s South Lawn.

After the short dance with Thalia, cameras captured Obama returning to his seat and tried to say something to Michelle — only for the First Lady to playfully blow him off.

Here’s a food for thought: Body language folks failed to realized that Michelle was probably into the performance as evident whenever her favorite soul singer Stevie Wonder serenades her.

All I do know is that someone give Thalia’s PR agent their due props for making this trending topic on Twitter and YouTube! Late Night Talk Show host Jimmy Kimmel added his own spin to Michelle’s cold shoulder….

Things that make me go hmmm….

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