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Photo Hoopla With Tolula Adeyemi

December 10, 2009

Naija fashionista/UK resident Tolula Adeyemi has made the red carpet her personal fashion magazine photo shoot as she attended various events, most recently the 2009 British Fashion Awards and the London film premieres of Nine and Avatar.

Toula at 2009 British Fashion Awards

Toula at 2009 British Fashion Awards

Shingai at 2009 British Fashion Awards

Tolula had on a cobalt blue and white one shoulder Manjit Deu gown. Who knew Tolula was cool with Shingai Shoniwa ??? At the Nine premiere Adeyemi (a former Vivienne Westwood muse) rocked a silver corset satin Dolce & Gabbana gown with her favorite blue Louis Vuitton (???) clutch.

Nine London Premiere

She’s a HUGE fan of oversize clutch especially ones from Louis Vuitton! (Can you tell that it’s her favorite style piece?)

tulola hearts louis vuitton and manjit deu

Shout-out to her stylist Marian Kihogo for keeping Tolula’s look always fierce! (If you are reading this, congrats on the new blog launch!) Below is Tulola in a possible Manjit Deu pleated mini dress at the premiere of Avatar

Avatar premiere

Random thoughts: No wait did she change her name again??? The photo agency tagged Tolula as Tallulah Adeyemi. Both films seem promising but I think I’ll wait until The Princess & The Frog debuts.


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