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The Hounsou-Lee Family Holiday 2009 Portraits

December 13, 2009

Check out this snapshot  that Page Six magazine took of the Hounsou-Lee family for their 2009  Holiday portrait card at their Saddle River, New Jersey home. Pictured from left to right are Aoki Lee Simmons, Kimora Lee Simmons, Kenzo Lee Hounsou, Djimon Hounsou and Ming Lee Simmons.

Hounsou-Lee Family

Kimora Djimon Kenzo Aoki Lee Ming Lee

Kimora on her relationship with Djimon:

“We had a wonderful time,” she, 34, says. “It was very calm, family-motivated and spiritual. Djimon, 45, and I enjoy discussing anything from politics to wine, and we have enriching, private, happy, balanced lives together. That’s probably the thing that would shock people most: We do things like go to the grocery store and have fun with our kids. We’re a normal family, doing the best we can.”

Kimora on how she and Djimon clicked:

Kimora, 34, and Djimon, 45, met at a late-night party during Oscars week in 2006. The two hit it off immediately. “We struck up a normal conversation,” Kimora remembers. “I knew him from [working in] Paris and every mutual fashion friend in the world, so we became friends and started hanging out. We totally hit it off, but it wasn’t with that thought in mind. He was telling me about his life, but I wasn’t inquiring for any certain reason. It didn’t have [a romantic] feeling to it, and then it ended up being so meaningful. Kind of weird, huh?”

Kimora on baking for the holiday season:

“I make a great German chocolate cake,” the proud mother of three tells Page Six. “Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a great baker, the best. When I bake something, I swear to god, it’s gone before it hits the plate.”

The photo as posted by Sandra Rose & Page Six Magazine may be little over the top but it’s definitely one to remember. I also enjoy the fact Kenzo and Djimon have on matching sweaters – too cute! Nicely done, Hounsou-Lee family!

photo credit: Karin Kohlberg for Page Six Magazine


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