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US Launch of Sade’s Soldier of Love…

February 9, 2010

…is today. 02.9.10.

Sade Soldier of Love promo

10 years after the release of the group’s last album, Lovers Rock, Sade fans worldwide has 10 new tunes to groove to including the hit single, Soldier of Love. So far my favorite track is Skinthe last song on the album. I also enjoyed the fact that Sade gave a shout-out to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson on the song. Here are a few sneak previews of featured Soldier of Love tracks…


Soldier of Love promo

The New York Times reportedly argue that Sade’s music return was quite reluctant. Why? She enjoys her privacy, shuns the spotlight, and living her private life with 13-year-old daughter Ila. I’ll let Sade best put it into her own words…

An album meant a cover photograph, and Sade was reluctant at first to appear on it. “Everybody around me said, ‘You’re mad,’ ” she recalled. The compromise was a photo with her back turned, gazing out over ruins. “You’re not looking at me,” she said hopefully. “You’re surveying the journey ahead and the history as well.”

Bottom line Sade fans are thrilled she’s back. Online retailers Amazon and Target both have online streams of Soldier of Love. You can catch a performance by Sade today on the Late Show with David Letterman. In the meantime check out this behind the scenes look at how Sade recorded the album and how she filmed the “Soldier of Love” music video with choreographer Fatima Robinson and director Sophie Muller.

Did you get your copy today?


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