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Get To Know: Nneka

February 10, 2010

Born to a Nigerian father and German mother, Nneka Egbuna gained favorable buzz thanks to the release of her current album, Concrete Jungle, her sheer talent of combining catchy rhymes with political conscienousness and her recent apperance on Late Show With David Letterman. FYI: Concrete Jungle is Nneka’s first American music release! As a result she made her American TV debut on Letterman.

Nneka Egbuna World

The Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Nneka also won the coveted Best New Africa at the 2009 MOBO Awards. Her hard efforts paid as she won top spots on the major German and UK music charts. Love her Naija accent!

Comparisons have been made from Nneka to famous neo-soul singer Lauryn Hill to which Nneka says to Hard Knock TV…

Did I mention music critics are calling her the love child of Bob Marley and Miss Hill? (Oh boy!) Nneka has gone on record to list those two as her musical influences as well as Mos Def, Nina Simone, and Fela Kuti. Concrete Jungle talks about the relationship between the Western world and Nigeria’s politicial and corrupt oil supply in the Niger Delta.

Nneka has three albums attached to her music collection which are 2005’s Victim of Truth and 2008’s No Longer At Ease. (You guess right if you thought that Nneka named No Longer At Ease after Chinua Achebe’s famous novel.) Nneka sings about heartfelt topics in both German and the Igbo dialect in her songs.

Heartbeat on Late Show With David Letterman


The Uncomfortable Truth



Kangpe featurig Wesley Williams

Come With Me



Who is Nneka?

I’m definitely looking forward to see more of Nneka on this side of the pond.

Fun Facts:

  • Studied Anthropology at Hamburg, Germany at age 19
  • Born on Christmas’ Eve 1981 at Warri, Nigeria
  • Spends time in Nigeria and Germany
  • Nneka for those wondering means “Mother is supreme, mother is the best.”

Nneka on The Web

[Nneka Vevo]

[Nneka Official]

[Nneka Myspace]

[Nneka Wikipedia]

Shout-out to FG2BH reader ValBK for this edition of  “Get To Know: Nneka!”

photo credits: Amazon/Google Images


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