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Idris Elba Goes UPTOWN

February 14, 2010

Hollywood’s leading black actor by day/ Hip-Hop artist by night Idris Elba appeared on the February/March 2010 cover edition of Uptown magazine. The luxury, lifestyle and living publication aptly gave Idris a well-deserved title – “Our New Leading Man.” And we here at FG2BH couldn’t agree more!

Idris Elba Covers Uptown — spotted at Concrete Loop —

Idris talked with Uptown about his rising career moves in music, film, and TV as well as his humbleness towards fame. (Shout-out to J.Dakar!)

Idris Elba Covers UPTOWN
Idris Elba Covers UPTOWN
–spotted at Concrete Loop

On American and English fans reacting to his celebrity status:

How do American and English fans react to your celebrity?
It’s weird. An English star has to be a lot more humble. But if an American comes over, he has to be all “Yeah, motherfucker, I’m the best!” And English people love that. In America, I downplay this whole celebrity thing; there are just more important things in life. I will probably never be überfamous in America because I don’t care about the culture of celebrity.

On his new EP & the role music plays in his life:

Your contemporary soul EP High Class Problems, Volume I comes out in the U.K. this February and in the United States later this year under your music moniker, Driis. What do you want the songs to convey?
There’s a lot of celebration of love songs. Secular music now is all about, “Let me fuck you, take you to the crib, do this and that.” I deejay so I have to play [that music] sometimes, but when I write my songs, they’re more about a connection.
What role does music play in your life?
It’s a form of expression for me, honestly. I take it very seriously. The music is the first seed in Idris making his own move. It’s self-funded; no one else tells him what to do. It’s all from my brain. If people love it or hate it, it doesn’t matter, because it comes from the source.

Idris just release on UK iTunes his new EP, High Class Problems Vol.1 and he can be seen in three upcoming film projects including Takers , Thors , and The Losers. Idris also revealed that he signed on as the associate executive producer for the new BBC series, Luther.

Great to see Idris making moves! For those in the snow (re: cold region), wouldn’t that warm weather Idris has for that cover shoot be nice to have for Valentine’s Day?? I would gladly trade in snow for some sun! Just a random thought!

photos: Marc Baptiste for Uptown


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