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Sade Performs Soldier of Love on Ellen!

February 17, 2010

With the number one album in the country, Sade paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform their hit single, Soldier of Love. [WATCH IT HERE]

Nice job, Sade! According to their official site, the group has scheduled performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow (2/16) and another on The Wanda Sykes Show (2/20).

Soldier of Love on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Anyone else hoping that Sade would release Skin as their second single??? The melody and catchy drum beats goes hand in hand with Soldier of Love. It sort of picks up where their current single left off at. Don’t you agree? Take a quick listen to the track below in case you haven’t heard just yet…

Kudos to that nod to the late King of Pop.  Solider of Love reportedly sold over between 375k-400k in its first week. Not bad for a group who hasn’t release new music since 2000’s Lovers Rock. UPDATE: It’s officially 501,665 copies Soldier of Love sold in their first week of sales. Sade went gold, ya’ll!


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