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FG2BH Influential Buzz: Dawn Okoro

February 25, 2010

Born in Houston, Texas this influential Nigerian female artist has become a hot commodity in the art world thanks to her original figurative art works on pop culture and fashion. Dawn takes everyday portraits of strong black females with a fashion flair and flips it into a work of art! We love what she’s doing! [WIKIPEDIA/INTERVIEW]

 FG2BH Influential Buzz: Dawn Okoro

Dawn on her message as an artist via her 2006 interview with YMB: : Most of my paintings feature strong, beautiful women. I want my work to invoke some type of feeling inside someone whether it be joy, sadness, or passion.

ymib: What have been some of the biggest challenges with being an artist, starting your own business, and promoting your work all at the same time…what advice would you give to those respectively called “starving artists”?

Her work has been co-signed by Erykah Badu and featured on Cocoa Lounge, Afrobella and Clutch. She started her work when she was inspired by a sibling who has autism.

As for Dawn Okoro the everyday girl she proudily has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and Juris Doctor from Texas Southern University. (You go, Dawn! Keep making us proud!)


FG2BH Influential Buzz is a daily feature on the success of influential Africans/African-Americans. To be apart of this, kindly suggest a person to me.

photo credits: Dawn Okoro

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