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FG2BH Buzz: Bella Naija’s Oprah Moment

March 5, 2010

Nigerian-born fashion, lifestyle & Nollywood entertainment blogger Uchenna Eze, 25, better known as Bella Naija was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show for the “Beauty Around The World” episode. On the show Bella wore a colorful sleeveless Tiffany Amber shift dress and a peach colored Tiffany Amber fitted jacket as she discussed what beauty means to young Nigerian females. She also spoke about the positive style influence that entertainers Beyonce and Rihanna had on Nigerians. The new trend in Nigeria is to be in shape and also a rock a luxe human hair weave. FG2BH is oh so proud of Bella for showcasing a positive image of Nigerian females. Truth be told Bella rocked it as only a true Naija girl could.

FG2BH Buzz: Bella Naija's Oprah Moment

If you call yourself a true fan of Bella Naija, you already know she share the great news on her Twitter page right before the Oprah show feature! Right after the show, Bella thanked all of her long-time fans and supporters.

Thank you so much for the love and support! God bless. Now back to work!@BellaNaija

FG2BH salutes and applauds all of Bella’s hard efforts and proud regoniction from the media tycoon. FG2BH have been been a fan since Bella’s blogspot days to her launch of her official blogazine. Doesn’t it feel good to call yourself a Nigerian?

photo credits: Bella Naija//Oprah Show//Props to Shop Liquorce for the dress ID!


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