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First Lady Michelle Obama Installs Inaugural Jason Wu Gown At The Smithsonian National Museum of American History

March 10, 2010

First Lady Michelle Obama and her inaugural gown designer Jason Wu attended the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. to install her famous asymmetrical white gown that she wore to all the inaugural balls. Michelle’s Jason Wu inaugural dress would be included in the Smithsonian gallery, A First Lady’s Debut, with the other 11 dresses worn by previous First Ladies. Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson, also attended the event.

Michelle Obama Marian Robinson Jason Wu
Michelle Obama and Jason Wu
michelle o smithsonian

Jason Wu has quickly become one of Michelle’s favorite go-to fashion designer in the past year including that Glamour magazine cover shoot. For the Smithsonian ceremony Michelle wore a black, white and grey sheath dress by Prabal Gurung, reports Mrs. O. Check out the clip taken from the ceremony over at YouTube.


Prabal Gurung Twitter

And one of the people who made that day possible is the creator of this beautiful gown, Jason Wu, a young man who, not so long ago, was just an aspiring designer like many of you students here. When Jason was just five years old, growing up in Taiwan, his parents would take him to the bridal shops so that he could sketch the gowns in the windows. He started making clothes for dolls when he was 16, and after studying under some of the best designers in the world, he opened his own shop four years ago with the money he had saved.

And Jason’s dress, as you can see — this gown is a masterpiece. It is simple, it’s elegant, and it comes from this brilliant young mind, someone who is living the American Dream.

The countless hours that you can see that he spent sewing this piece made my night even more special, and now I am proud that millions of visitors will be able to see just how talented this young man is.

Thank you, Jason. Thank you for your vision and for your hard work, because, in the end of the day, today is about much more than this gown. It’s also about how, with enough focus and with enough determination, someone in this room could be the next Jason Wu. Someone in this room could be the next Barack Obama. It’s about how the American story is written by real people — not just names on a page. And it’s about how something you create today — whether it’s a dress, or a painting, or a story or a song — can help teach the next generation in a way that nothing else can.

Thank you all so much.

The First Lady looks simply fab as always! Huffington Post’s Michelle O Style section has her entire speech and more photos which you can check out here.

UPDATE: Jessica Porter from the Smithsonian Institution sent over this must-see behind-the-scenes clip of how the popular collection was made exclusively for the First Ladies. Did you know that collection was originally named The Dresses of the Mistresses of the White House??” Sometimes The President’s nieces or family friend would fill in as the hostess. Check it out…

photos: Getty//AP Photos


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