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Michelle Obama & Jill Biden’s Surprise Trip to Haiti

April 13, 2010

The U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama was accompanied by Vice President’s wife Dr. Jill Biden as they made their unannounced visit to Haiti. No doubt word quickly spread that they were in town as a crowd formed around them. There, the pair was joined by Haiti’s President Rene Preval and First Lady Elisabeth Debrosse as they walked the Jan. 12th diaster-stricken streets of Port-au-Prince. Haiti endured a earthquake that crippled its infrastructure nearly four months ago. Both ladies kept their outfits casual right down to their choice of shoes. Jill sported black and white Converse sneakers while Michelle stuck with her faithful Lanvin ballerina-like flats.

biden in converse sneakers and michelle o rock a lanvin flats

Watch this space for a clip of the pair in Haiti.*update* As promised here’s a raw video of Michelle and Jill in Haiti.

In the meantime check out this clip of Michelle and Jill honoring the Month of the Miltiary Child.

photos: AP/Reuters/Huffington Post

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