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Savile Row’s Greatest Tailor Ozwald Boateng Launches Blog

June 15, 2010

British-Ghanaian fashion designer Ozwald Boateng recently launched a daily self-titled blog. According to his Blogger profile, the blog is run by him and his design team. The blog has been up and running since February 2010.

Savile Row greatest tailor Ozwald Boateng Launches Blog


Boateng’s blog has photo updates from events that he attended (pictured with World Cup hunk Drogba above) , a behind-the-scenes look at how he runs his clothing empire, photos of celebrity clients who wore his sharp suits, and various blog posts on his love for style, art and music.

Ozwald Boateng’s Fashion Show in Ghana

Be sure to look out right here on FG2BH for details on Ozwald’s upcoming documentary film, A Man’s Story.  (The film project has been 10 years in the making for Ozwald – a man who some have called Savile Row’s greatest tailor!)

Friend to FG2BH Ghana Rising has a must-see exclusive clips of Ozwald’s recent CNN interview where he talks about President Barack Obama’s visit to his native homeland.

Ozwald welcome to the blogging world!



photo credit: Ozwald Boateng Blog

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