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Conde Nast Says No To “Vogue Africa”

July 21, 2010


These breathtaking portraits done by Cameroonian photographer Mario Epanya were used to promote the idea of a Vogue Africa launch. Using beautiful African models and mock-up Vogue Africa covers to promote the purchase of Vogue Africa license, Epanya fought for the idea of promoting the African woman and African fashion’s latest developments. Epanya pitched the fictional magazine covers to Conde Nastthe folks behind the Vogue brand – and they rejected his proposal as he expressed on his Facebook page: “DEAR ALL. The Wait is over. Condé Nast said NO to an African license of VOGUE. So this is the last cover. Enjoy, but it’s a beginning of something.”

To which I say to Epanya, thanks for all your hard efforts AND keep trying. I say use this rejection to launch HIS vision of an African fashion magazine catered to the African woman. Afterall we have THISDAY to thank for the successful launch of ARISE magazine and there are always Genevieve and Flair that has strong readers in Nigeria. Let us not forget Cosmopolitan South Africa or Elle South Africa for that matter for promoting African beauty.

We quite frankly waited entirely too long for someone BOLD enough to work this campaign the right way. On each cover there is a girl of every shade, every shape and there’s a girl sporting the all natural ‘do and the weave. Doesn’t Epanya’s Vogue Africa covergirls look like someone you know??? Remember the hype the All-Black issue Vogue Italia bought or its accompanying online website bought to the black fashion community? This campaign from Epanya is ten times better! Maybe because it’s more authentic in its delivery. Yes there’s a need and huge consumer demand/following for a Vogue Africa! I think this dream can be accomplished but I also think it’s not necessary.

My top five reasons why Vogue Africa isn’t necessary:

1. Black fashion blogs (mainly The Fashion Bomb, Black Style Central, Coco & CremeBV on Style, Hip Candy, Match Fetch Happen, Fashionista 101, and Clutch) have filled the void effortlessly and did I mention that these bloggers go out and hunt the scoop from Fall Week worldwide???

2. The rise of popular black fashion magazines such as Suede, EssenceBHF Magazine AfricaPop Africana, Jamati, and Vibe Vixen (the sister cousin to VIBE) definitely has a positive spin on the urbanista.

3. The rise of Nigerian-run style and entertainment blogs such as Bella Naija, Linda Ikeji, Ladybrille, YaYaMarieBlog, CIAAFRIQUE, ShopLiquorice and FashionJunkii not only provided the scoop on all these African fashion hoopla but the scoop on the latest trends both here and abroad.

4. The rise of African Fashion Week and African fashion labels getting their time respect and shine such as Jewel by Lisa and…Boxing Kitten.

5. YOU! Yes you are the dominating factor. Your style and fierceness WITHOUT Vogue Africa’s existence has definitely proved that we are naturally gifted in the style department! 😉

photo credits: Mario Epanya


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