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First Look of Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard in Upcoming Mandela Biopic!

July 23, 2010

Check out the first snapshot as seen all over the web today of Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard as Winnie Mandela and former South Africa President Nelson Mandela in the upcoming and long-awaited Winnie Mandela biopic. The film, which no doubt would produce Oscar buzz, focus on Winnie and Nelson’s 39 years of marriage and how Winnie fought for 26 years for Nelson’s prison release. I think Jennifer and Terrence look like Nelson and Winnie on their wedding day as you can see for yourself. Great job! Looks are only half the battle so are you anticipating how they’ll pull off portraying South Africa’s most recognizable figures?? Did I mention that these two (JHud and Terrence) can sing? I hope there’s a bit of singing in the film but don’t knock me for dreaming big. 😛

First Look of Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard in Upcoming Mandela Biopic!

Despites local South African communities protesting against Hudson portraying Winnie because they felt the role should have went to a African-born actress, Hudson has been positive and eager in learning more about the former First Lady of South Africa. Hudson took to her official Twitter page to reveal the behind-the-scenes scoop:

Night y’all! Headed home to get some rest. Long productive wk in the studio in Johannesburg with my guys @thelarryjackson & @harveymasonjr.
hi guys! the first day of shooting for me is today. im so excited! we are up in the mountains. i have never been so high up in my life!
when it rains here in south africa it rains for days!
i hope the weather does not change so i can go on set today. i never been so excited to work!
hi guys! just got done filming for the day. its our last day here before we go back to the city. i cant wait!

Hudson and Howard are currently busy filming the biopic in key South Africa spots such as Johannesburg, Capt Town, Transkei and Robben Island with director Darrell J. Roodt. No official release date has been announced but keep it lock on FG2BH for details!



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