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Photo Fab With Shingai Shoniwa

July 24, 2010

Any excuse to post photos of Shingai Shoniwa, lead vocalist of the Noisettes, sporting her funky electic style on and off the red carpet is great! So without further ado, peep the photos of Shingai working it as she can only do at the Sony Radio Academy Awards, Esquire Magazine’s 75 Brilliant young Brits dinner and 55th Ivor Novello Awards.

Photo Fab With Shingai Shoniwa

Sony Radio Academy Awards

Sony Radio Academy Awards
///Sony Radio Academy Awards///

Sony Radio Academy Awards

55th Ivor Novello Awards
///55th Ivor Novello Awards //
esquire magazine
///Esquire Magazine’s 75 Brilliant young Brits dinner///
esquire magazine

On the music aspect of Shingai’s career, the Noisettes were featured in the promotional print & TV AD campaign for the 50th anniversary celebration of shoe brand Dr. Martens and the group also release their latest single, Every Now & Then. Next up for Noisettes is their upcoming FIRST live show in Africa for the Lake of Stars Festival from October 15th to 17th.  Random thoughts: 24 Hours and Don’t Upset The Rhythm have quickly become my favorite songs off Noisettes’ current album, Wild Young Hearts. Take a quick listen below…


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