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FG2BH Buzz: Caster Semeya Returns Back & The Ihegboro Family Welcomes A White Baby Girl

July 26, 2010

After months of speculation, the sexual orientation of South African track and field champion Caster Semenya has been confirmed as a girl after completing a gender test. This is great news for the Semenya family who undobutly suffered public humiltation after the press speculated on whether she was born a male and it’s a great news for South Africa. Semenya not only endured a fashion makeover for South Africa’s You magazine but she had to constantly defend her gender. Semenya has since returned back to her beloved competitive sports in Finland earlier this month. Perhaps Caster decided to hit back at the media with playing well and giving them something to talk about via her outfit – a girl pink and black get-up. Not for nothing but Caster owes no one but her family the truth. She instead let her competitive drive speak for itself. Caster could have simply simply bowed out of competing but she trained in South Africa to return back. What A Class Act she is!

Caster Semeya July 2010
Caster’s July 2010 return interview at Lappeenranta Games in Finland

Nigerian-born couple Ben and Angela Ihegboro from the UK puzzled doctors, bloggers, and genetic experts worldwide when they welcomed their blonde-hair, blue-eyed white daughter Nmachi. (Quick FYI: Nmachi in the Igbo dialect means “Beauty of God”.) Experts ruled out the possibility of the child born albino.

The Ihegboro Family

Professor Bryan Sykes, head of Human Genetics at Oxford University and Britain’s leading expert, yesterday called the birth “extraordinary”.
He said: “In mixed race humans, the lighter variant of skin tone may come out in a child – and this can sometimes be startlingly different to the skin of the parents. This might be the case where there is a lot of genetic mixing, as in Afro-Caribbean populations. But in Nigeria there is little mixing.” Prof Sykes said BOTH parents would have needed “some form of white ancestry” for a pale version of their genes to be passed on. The hair is extremely unusual. Even many blonde children don’t have blonde hair like this at birth. The rules of genetics are complex and we still don’t understand what happens in many cases.”
The expert said some unknown mutation was the most likely explanation.

Ben told reporters that Nmachi “…looks like a healthy white baby. My mum is a black Nigerian although she has a bit farirer skin than mine. Of course, we are baffled too and want to know what’s happened. But we understand life is very strange. All that matters is that she’s healthy and that we love her. She’s a proud British Nigerian.” (THE SUN) The Ihegboro family are also proud parents of son Chisom and daughter Dumebi. Ben on his children’s reaction to their new sister: “Our other daughter Dumbei is only two so she’s too young to understand. But our boy keeps coming to look at his sister and then sits down puzzled. We are a black family. Suddenly he has a white sister.” (DAILY MAIL UK)

Hats off Ihegboro for not calling up Maury to play that ever ‘classy’ game of “I’m Not The Father” and I’m glad that he was man enough to embrace his child and not run away from his family. I’m glad that Ben and Angela welcomed their new baby. Children are a blessing and they do need tons of positive energy.


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