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Boris Kodjoe & GuGu Mbatha-Raw Attends NBC Universial’s Press Tour All Star Party

July 31, 2010

Stars of the upcoming J.J. Abrams-produced spy drama series Undercovers, Boris Kodjoe and GuGu Mbatha-Raw attended the NBC Universal’s Press Tour All Star Party last night in Los Angeles. The dynamic duo bought their fashion A-game to the event as expected. Boris and Gugu have been busy promoting Undercovers via various press tours as he tweeted. The show, which made TV history when it cast Boris and Gugu*, focus on a married couple who rejoins the CIA after early retirement which in then acts as a positive catalyst to tighten their relationship. *Boris and Gugu became the two black leads on a major TV network series – a risk that’s usually reserve for the comedy side of acting! Yes Soul Food and The Wire had black leads but those shows were on cable and Undercovers is featured on a major TV network and it’s not a comedy like Girlfriends. If the show does well, race wouldn’t be an issue but a promising trend. 😉

Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw Promotes UNDERCOVERS

For fans of previous J.J. Abrams work, Undercovers is by far not another Alias and creator Josh Reims went on to discuss with The Hollywood Reporter why there’s two black leads for show.

Executive producer Josh Reims on Undercovers getting Alias comparisons: ‘We’re not doing ‘Alias,'” Reims said. “And J.J., to his credit, would say, ‘Yes, if I go too far in the confusing, mythological whatever, craziness, just stop me.’ So that was the extent of our discussions about ‘Alias.'”

Josh Reims on why Undercovers has two black leads: We didn’t go out of our way to say ‘we’re hiring two black people to be the leads of the show,’ but we certainly did not ignore the fact that it would be great if we could do that and if we found actors who were great enough,” Reims said. “And luckily, we found [them]. We don’t consider that we’re, you know, revolutionizing TV, but at the same time, we do realize it is a big deal. We all wish it wasn’t such a big deal at this point … but unfortunately that’s the way it is right now.”

Boris Kodjoe on Undercovers: “It is important that we get a chance to be trailblazers or door openers or whatever you want to call it. On the other hand, let’s inspire people to regard it as normal so that more and more people don’t consider it taking a chance, but just being creative.”

Undercovers, as previously reported, has its NBC Fall premiere on September 22nd.

Undercovers Promo 8 Trailer

Visit GOOD2BHOME for additonal photos of Boris and Gugu promoting Undercovers!

photo credits: WIREIMAGE // GETTY

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