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FG2BH TV Buzz Featuring Gabby Sidibe

July 31, 2010

Gabby Sidibe, best known for her Oscar/SAG/Golden Globe nominated role in Precious, has a cause for celebration thanks to the recent announcement of her new acting role in the upcoming Showtime series, The Big C. According to various online reports from Jezebel and USA Today, Gabby’s role as a smart mouth student turned into a regular role. Extra Scoop: Idris Elba is also schedule to appear on the show as the title character’s love interest! The Big C, which was filmed on location in Stamford, Connecticut, has its Showtime premiere on August 16thDefinitely going to be tuning in!

FG2BH TV Buzz Featuring Gabby Sidibe
The Big C Official Trailers…

The Big C Summary: The show follows Cathy (Linney), a repressed suburbanite who tries to salvage her life after a diagnosis of terminal cancer. ShowTracker

Gabby on The Big C: “I’ve only been on three auditions my whole life — that’s Precious, Yelling to the Sky and The Big C— and I got all three. I’ve been promoting this film for a year. And so I’m not quite choosy yet, but there’s not a whole lot for me to choose from, either.”

In Yelling to the Sky, she plays a bully, and in The Big C, she’s Linney’s problem student. “The character is this tough girl with a vulnerable center, and that’s what she does so well,” says Big C executive producer Vivian Cannon. “Gabby has this amazingly expressive face that made her a real match for Laura on-screen. Girls that young don’t have that presence. Gabby does, and that’s why she’s special.” USA TODAY

The 26-year-old actress from New York City certainly strives to make major career moves after Oscar and Precious. Keep it up! In related news, Gabby’s mother Alice Tan Ridley took to the America’s Got Talent Audition stage to flaunt some of her vocal prowess as she often does in the subway in New York City for the past 20 years. How did you think she did?

photo credits: WIREIMAGE // GETTY


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