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Holding Hope & Bursting Out Debuts in Nigeria

August 11, 2010

The Silverbird Cinemas red carpet premiere of Holding Hope and Bursting Out bought out the heavyweight, bold-type names from Nigeria and Ghana. Spotted there were Genevieve Nnaji, Uche Jombo (love the new haircut!), Stephanie Okereke, Nadia Burai, Desmond Elliot, and Majid Michel.

Holding Hope & Bursting Out Debuts in Nigeria
Be sure to visit GOOD2BHOME for additional photos from the event!

Nigeria’s Julia Roberts Genevieve Nnaji, Nigerian actress/director/producer Uche Jombo, Desmond Elliott and Ghana’s leading man Majid Michel star in Bursting Out, which focus on the pressures and expectations that Nigerian society places on a successful single Nigerian woman.  As previously reported Desmond Elliot produced Bursting Out. (Check out behind the scenes photos snapped on the film set here!) Okay this film already proved that it’s worthy of seeing due to Nnaji and Michel’s onscreen chemistry.

Bursting Out Trailer

Bursting Out Poster

bursting out poster

Holding Hope Trailer

Holding Hope Poster

holding hope poster

Holding Hope (which was shot in Lagos and Dallas) tells the tale of a cancer survivor with a slight comedy twist and it stars Uche Jombo, Desmond Elliott and Ghana’s leading lady Nadia Burai. For the role, Uche shaved off her hair to prepare for the role. (View more photos over at GOOD2BHOME of Uche’s new hairstyle!) Here’s hoping Uche snags a award or nomination for her bold move!


Uche Jombo on Holding Hope (via Golden Icons):

Okay, now I can talk about Holding Hope. Holding hope is also a movie that I cherish very much. In as much as I love to laugh, I am also very much aware about the serious things in life, especially things that are the effects of forces of nature, which you also do not have control over; for example, forces like cancer, death, and so on. Though this might cause me to reflect on life’s experience, but I can’t change what is, or what will be. The script started as a true life story of 3 cancer survivors. However, the movie focused more on only one of the survivors, as I personally think she had the most dramatic experience out of the three of them. I had a cancer story similar to the one Emem Isong had, and we kind of combined our thoughts together. The movie was written by three script writers – myself, Emem Nsong, and Uduak Emem Oguwamalam. It was a project we all believed in, and as a result we came together to produce it together. Desmond Elliot, Emem Isong and I were the Executive Producers. For a project to have these many brains coming together, you can only imagine that it must be huge and very dear to our hearts. It’s a movie that I intend and want people to see in the cinema, and be moved by it, cry about it, and at the same time, laugh. Really, life is too short, as there are things you can change in life, but there are also things you cannot change. However you can allow yourself to enjoy those things you can change, and be depressed about those you cannot.

Starring in the movie are myself, Desmond, Nadia, Ngozi Nwaosu, Rukky Sanda, Biola Williams and directed by Desmond Elliot. For the most part, the movie was shot in Lagos, and we also shot some scenes in America. Since the movie was cancer-related, the United States was the best option for executing a particular phase of the movie. Otherwise, people will say, if you have cancer and you are treating it in Nigeria, there is no hope for you. But I basically think we can all joke about cancer, but it should not be forgotten that it is a very serious issue. Just to let you know how serious it was, one of the characters that we were describing in the movie passed away before we even finished shooting the movie.

photo credits: Gistmaster, @LIONCHIC & Nollywood Uncut


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