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From X-Factor Contestant to Internet Sensation: Meet Gamu Nhengu

October 13, 2010

18-year-old Zimbabwean-born, Scotland student resident Gamu Nhengu’s X-Factor audition quickly became a huge Internet sensation. She said before her audition that she wanted to be someone who people could look up to. During her back story Gamu admitted that her mom Nokutula raised her and her two younger brothers as a single parent. She moved from Zimbabwe five years ago to pursue a better life and education. She participated in the competition to improve her chances of a better life for her and her family. Her ambition is that she wants to be somebody – someone everyone talks about. Gamu on what she wants everyone to think after her audition: “The girl with the flower in her hair, she was great.” She performed the 1983 hit “Walking On Sunshine” with her own words. The original song was done by English pop rock band Katrina & The Waves.

Overall she has a great personality and a great stage presence. I agree with the positive remarks made by X- Factor judges Ginger Spice, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell. Unfortunately because of her moving audition, Gamu and her family is facing a firing squad if she is forced to return to her native Zimbabwe, reports the Daily Mail UK.  To make matters worse, Gamu also failed to be voted as one of the top 12 final contestants.
As a result from all this latest developments, over 35K fans have created a support group on Facebook for her return on X-Factor.  She also joined YouTube to voice her opinion on the ongoing X-Factor deportation scandal.



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