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Get To Know: Nouveau Riche 8485

October 15, 2010

Five days ago on Twitpic, I introduced to my followers upcoming Nigerian fashion line, Nouveau Riche 8485. I fell in love instantly with the way they infused Ankara fabric with chic Western-influenced designs.

The luxe 100% cotton and rich Ankara collection to me is for the trendy girl that wants to stand out at a party, event or a girls’ night out on the town. Created by Nigerians Tolani Aremu and Kolapo Alex-Oni aim to infused culture with a refined edge. Truth be told their mission is complete!

“The intent behind the brand is to overcome style barriers, continually challenge convention, and push the extraordinary. Empowered and inspired to create these distinctive conversational pieces, Nouveau Riche 8485 sets out to present a brand of undeniable dimension, depth and aesthetic.”- NoveauRiche8485

I am overjoyed that Nigerian fashion is making such a HUGE impact on mainstream media from the blogs to social networking to everyday life, Nigeria’s fashion gems are here to stay!

Take a look yourself by visiting their official website: You can contact the dynamic duo via e-mail:

Shout-out to everyone who sent an e-mail about this fashion line!

Nouveau Riche 8485

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