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Liya Kebede & Wariis Dirie’s H&M Holiday 2010 AD Campaign Feature

November 16, 2010

Ethopian supermodel Liya Kebede pose with Somali beauty Wariis Dirie for the Holiday 2010 AD campaign for H&M. (Liya was also the popular retail chain’s spokesmodel for their Fall 2009 Knitwear collection PLUS she appeared on the September 2010 cover of Essence magazine with fellow models Naomi Campbell and Iman. What a busy year for Liya!)

-View the complete H&M Holiday 2010 AD campaign over at GOOD2BHOME!-

Hard to believe that these two are beyond 30! Liya’s 32 and Wariis’s 45! As we reported last year, Liya took a brief break from her lucrative modeling career to portray the anti-female genital mutilation fighter Wariis in the biopic memoir Desert Flower. (Catch out the photogenic pair at the Berlin premiere last year right here! )



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