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Watch The New Trailer for Winnie: The Winnie Mandela Biopic Starring Jennifer Hudson & Terrence Howard

November 16, 2010

The highly anticipated first clips of South Africa’s former First Lady Winnie Mandela’s biopic, Winnie, starring Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard has finally hit the blogosphere. The film focus on Winnie’s marriage and subsquent divorce to former South Africa President Nelson Mandela (portrayed by Terrence Howard), her embrassing fallout with the media over the kidnapping scandal,  and her tireless anti-apartheid work. (Sophie Okonedo, Jennifer’s Secret Life of Bees co-star, portrayed Winnie Mandela in the BBC drama Mrs. Mandela.)

Shot on location in South Africa, the Oscar & Grammy winning star eagerly tweeted about her experience as the iconic Winnie Mandela who became the couragerous fighter of  the anti-apartheid struggle. The film’s screenplay is based on the Anne Marie du Preez Bezdrob biography, Winnie Mandela: A Life. Jennifer not only lost weight for the loss but also fought back against critics who felt the role should have went to the South African actress and not an popular Hollywood star.

The trailer looks promising and here’s hoping it’ll get that Oscar buzz going! The film is due in theaters in 2011!

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