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Music Buzz: Swizz Beatz vs Fela Kuti Pt. 1 Mixtape For Monster Mondays

February 8, 2011

Each Monday, hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz posted on his music blog, Monster Mondays, a new artwork and new music just for his fans. On Monday January 31st, Swizz and DJ Runna recognized the King of Afro-Beat Fela Kuti with a modern mash-up off Fela’s hit songs with seven of Swizz’s own hit productions featuring Busta Rhymes’ Touch It, Eve’s Tambourine, Beyonce’s Get Me Bodied, and many more. Dj Runna and Swizz Beatz have done this Monday Mondays musical production for the past sixteen weeks. I love what Swizz and Runna did with the beat and I also enjoy the artwork that Swizz did for the production. The intro and outro by Fela pulls it all together. Sit back and take a quick listen!

::Visit: Swizz Beatz presents Monster Mondays::

::Listen: Swizz Beatz vs Fela Kuti Pt. 1 “Money in The Bank” ::

Swizz Beats Vs Fela Kuti Pt. 1 Mixtape Playlist

Fela Intro
Touch It (Touch It/Chop & Quench)
Money In The Bank/Yellow Fever

Get Me Bodied/No Agreement

Swing Your Rag/ Who No Know Go Know
Its Me Snitches/Kalakuta Show
Tambourine/African Woman

Check Up On It/Gentleman
Fela Outro

The entire mixtape can be heard only on Swizz Beatz Presents Monster Mondays. Swizz and Runna definitely put together a noteworthy mixtape of blended beats of his work and Fela Kuti. In related news, the Tony-Award winning Broadway play based off Fela’s life Fela on Broadway will be playing soon in Nigeria after its long-running performance. Fela on Broadway is set to debut in Lagos, Nigeria on March 2011,

Swizz Beatz Presents Monster Mondays.


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