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Mimi Plange Fall 2011 Presentation at New York Fashion Week

February 9, 2011

Mimi Plange of Ghanaian descent presented her Fall 2011 collection during New York Fashion Week. Vibrant hues of red and black dominated the collection aptly named Scarred Perfection. Exaggerated ruffles were also a great style motif for the 17th Century European style-inspired collection.

Celebrity guests included stylist Ugo Mozie, Dawn Richard of Diddy Dirty Money, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14 Krista Smith and Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley. Mimi’s sister Linda Dankwa also attended the event.

Prior to the event Mimi tweeted about her inspiration for the collection. The California-raised fashion designer used 17th Century style as her source of inspiration for her latest womesnwear collection.

As we modernize,less and less tribes are practicing the ritual. Tribes such as the yoruba frm nigeria and some ethiopian tribes practice it. It is used to identify certain tribes and for beauty. Scarification is a cultural ritual practiced by many tribes around the world,especiall africa. Did u knw tht mimi’ls latest collection is called “scarred perfection?” @mimiplange

Stylist Ugo Mozie tweeted that the collection is impeccable. I definitely agree with him! This line is the modern women looking for style and elegance.

Get to Know Mimi Plange

  • She’s from Ghana but raised in California.
  • Mimi Plange is in its third year of providing luxury womenswear to the chic Africanista.
  • Her website:
  • Her Twitter: @mimiplange
  • Mimi Plange Spring 2010 collection was showed last year during New York Fashion Week under the name, Boudoir D’huitres S/S 2011 Collection “Prey and Pray.”
  • Mimi Plange on who her collection respresents to Chic Today Entertainment: My line is for the modern confident woman. She is a smart woman who has defined her own beauty and lives by her own rules.
  • Mimi on how she started designing to La La NYC: My mom was really into fashion when she was in Africa. She used to do a little bit of modeling and her pictures really used to inspire me. I remember Alexander McQueen had a show, where the models walked on water. I just remember when I saw that show, I said I want to do something that is so inspiring. I’ve always wanted to be apart of it, ever since I was 11. It was like a fantasy for me, I would get lost in magazines and I just wanted to do it.
  • Mimi Plange to Essence on her Fall 2011 Collection: I recently went to South Africa to show my collection. When I went I was obsessed with going on a safari. I wanted to go on a safari and go to a lion park and generally see what life was like there. I’m from Ghana, and Ghana is totally different than South Africa. I was just really inspired to kind of use that (South Africa experience) as a base for this collection. My idea is essentially a Victorian safari, so that I keep the whole branding of Boudoir d’Huitres. But then I also look at the modern elements that are out there and try to compile both of those together. The effect is something that’s timeless, because that’s the type of fashion I want to do.

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