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FG2BH Chats With Nigeria’s Dance Phenomenon – Celestina

March 2, 2011

Celestina, a talented Nigerian dancer and R&B singer behind the hit Renegade, recently chatted with FG2BH about her music, her inspiration and other notable things. Celestina has been on her grind since her breakthrough appearance on the Jennifer Lopez-produced reality series for MTV, DanceLife. She also worked with many of your favorite music artists especially -wait for it- Prince – I mean who can forget her dancing with him in his Black Sweat video? If you can recall, FG2BH spoke with Celestina right before she focus her all on her bubbling music career. She also said to expect a Tiwa Savage collaboration quite soon! I think Celestina’s Nigeria’s answer to M.I.A.!

FG2BH: When can we expect your album? How did you get signed with GreenHouse Entertainment?

Celestina: We haven’t set a date yet. I’m still brewing in the studio. For the longest, I had been looking for producers with tracks that merged Electronic/Pop and Dancehall/Tribal type music. I found a young producer from New York, Quin Pearson, and we would email back and forth. I wrote and recorded a song I named “OmoGe” and put it out with the help of some friends at RockHouse Music. The song brought about a lot of inquiries but I was looking for a particular sound. An acquaintance, who manages producers and songwriters, was asking about the development of my music. I played it for him and he said he would have some producers take a listen and see the feedback I get. After taking a few meetings, I felt GreenHouse really got my sound and direction of my brand.

Celestina’s music inspiration – M.I.A.

FG2BH: Who influenced or inspired your sound?
Celestina: As for my sound it comprises of a number of elements from Pop/Electronic, to a little hiphop, to dancehall and Tribal/Afro beats. I call it Tribal Electronica Music. I’ve been inspired by a number of artists and music from Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, Asa, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, M.I.A, Black Eyed Peas, Zouk and Soca Music, Dancehall, and more.

Celestina on her inspiration:
I’ve been inspired by a number of artists and music, from Lauryn Hill, Grace Jones, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, Asa, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, M.I.A, Zouk and Soca Music, Dancehall, and more.

FG2BH: Who is your dream artist to work with on your album?
Celestina: There are so many artists I’d love to work with (such as) M.I.A, Major Lazer,, Lauryn Hill, and Nneka to name a few.

Tiwa Savage – Kele Kele

FG2BH: The young Nigerian female artist is a scene that’s been getting a lot of mainstream attention. Ever heard of Tiwa Sawage?  Ever heard of Nneka? Ever thought of collaborating with Nigerian female artist to do a MJ- We Are The World song or even a female power anthem?

Celestina: Yes, Tiwa and I are supposed to write together when our schedules permit. She is amazing! Nneka, of course! I think my uncle is her #1 fan!

Celestina performing with Jennifer Lopez at the 2009 American Music Awards

FG2BH: Since you appeared on Dancelife, you have worked with Jennifer Lopez (show’s producer/creator) what’s your best moment working with J.Lo?

Celestina: Honestly, she’s just real and I have a lot of respect for her.

Celestina on Dancelife

FG2BH: Do you have any acting aspirations? You have appeared alongside Tom Hanks on the big screen? Is there any future acting roles you want to share with us?

Celestina: As for acting, I most definitely want to continue developing and working in that field. I’m currently looking towards to new opportunities.

FG2BH: There’s been a huge spotlight given to African designer wear. Do you have a favorite? Which designer would you rock on the red carpet?

Celestina: I love fashion so if you’ve got tribal and African inspirations, hit me up! I’ll strut African Couture down the red carpet any day!


To answer her question, I can picture Celestina in designs from Jewel By Lisa, Aya Morrison and ZedEye! Special thanks to Celestina for answering all of my questions! Continued success, girl! Remember you heard it FIRST about a possible Tiwa Savage/Celestina song collaboration!

Celestina Videography – Celestina has worked with many of your favorite artists. So sit back and talk a look back on who she worked with. Have fun spotting her doing her thang!

Brandy – Who Is She 2 U

Usher – Yeah

T-Pain featuring Chris Brown – Freeze

Lloyd Banks – On Fire

Robin Thicke – Magic

Celestina Today – Celestina has been working on her debut record which features the hits, Renegade and Omoge. Here’s a sneak preview of what to expect from her.

Celestina Renegade Video

Celestina Renegade Vocal Session in the Studio

Celestina Introduces Her Tribal Electronica Movement

Celestina Online – Celestina can be reached on three social networking sites such as YouTube, MySpace and Twitter.

Check out her YouTube page:

Add her on MySpace:
Follow her on Twitter:

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