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Zed-Eye’s Style Moment Featuring Genevieve Nnaji & Shingai Shoniwa

April 15, 2011

Zed-Eye, a London-based fashion label created by Nigerian designer Ngozi Pere-Okorotie, is having a great style moment from the pages of New African Woman Magazine to a recent CNN appearance. Zed Eye is everywhere lately!  Independent African fashion boutique, Agnes & Lola, carried Zed-Eye’s new Spring/Summer 2011 womenswear apparel fresh from the Tribal Romance Revisited Volume 2 Collection. One item caught my attention. It’s a blue Zed Eye number as worn by Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes in her August 2010 appearance for Pride magazine.

Pride Magazine’s talented stylist Shevelle Rhule styled the Zimbabwean singer/songwriter in a Zed Eye Spring/Summer 2011 wrap dress with fur/ankara collar for the popular UK publication! Love the look? Well you can grab it for only 200 pounds. Get Shingai Shoniwa’s Zed-Eye Dress on Agnes & Lola!

Nollywood stylish veteran Genevieve Nnaji appeared on the latest cover of New African Woman magazine in blue panel Zed Eye Fall 2011 dress. This dress made its debut at London Fashion Week. Genevieve, as previously reported, is a huge supporter of Zed-Eye. Shout-out to Yenih’s World for the magazine cover!

Genevieve recently sat down with CNN’s African Voices in a Jewel By Lisa Spring 2011 “Lady” dress. She tells CNN that she’s proud of her country- proudly Nigerian. CNN asked her about what she loves and dislike about her native homeland. Genevieve’s on a media roll. I believe this is her second appearance on CNN and she’s wearing a Nigerian Fashion Designer dress! Go Genevieve for supporting “I Wear Nigerian” campaign! Genevieve feels that it’s her responsible to wear Nigerian fashion designs while in the public eye.

Genevieve on being proud to be Nigerian: Every aspect of human nature is there in Nigeria from the good, the bad, and the ugly. Nigeria’s like New York. Nigeria is fun. All we hear about Nigeria or hear people talk about Nigeria is fraud. That’s just a small percentage of people in Nigeria. We ‘re very resourceful. We’re very hospitable when it comes to visitors in the country. We have some sort of neighborly love. We have that bond. We come to the rescue of strangers. We’ve been raised to have a mortal duty to your society, to yourself and to your family. Everybody’s business is your business. That is something that we are. It’s a good thing. What I don’t like about Nigeria? I’ll never diss my own country. Whatever negativity in my country is in every other country in the world. You don’t judge one country based on one’s character. I’ll never live anywhere else. I was born and raise in Lagos. I can’t work anywhere else. I’m used to Lagos. I don’t see myself living anywhere else.

Genevieve Nnaji – CNN African Voices

CNN African Voices focus on the Nigerian-born actress, her acting career, being compared to Hollywood’s Julia Roberts, supporting Nigerian fashion designers, and much more before her London premiere of her new film, Mirror Boy. She also talked about her family. Sh revealed that she’s a middle child with two older brothers and a younger sister.

Genevieve’s CNN African Voices Full Interview

It’s always nice to see African fashionistas support African Fashion labels!

photos courtesy Zed-Eye, Fab Magazine & Agnes & Lola


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