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On Sunday October 1, 2006 Feels Good 2 B Home was launched on the Blogger platform with over 500 updates on popular African & Nigerian celebrities. ( Since November 2008, FG2BH now publishes on the WordPress platform.

FG2BH Blog has become the blog source for Afro/Naija lifestyle, fashion, news, and culture.  Blogging is something I look forward to do daily and I love the good (and bad) feedback I’ve been getting ever since. I’m proud of my Nigerian heritage and I had to share it with each person who ever visited my blog.

Why is your blog called “Feels Good 2 B Home?”

The name of this blog came to me while I was listening to Kanye West’s song, “Touch the Sky” one day on the radio. I’m kept nodding my head when Kanye echoed, “Feels Good 2 B Home, huh?” over and over again. I said to myself in that particular moment, “that’s PERFECT! I’ll call my new blog, “Feels Good 2 B Home.” Feels Good 2 B Home covers my Nigerian heritage which is something quite big that I feel needs its own blog to cover. Besides doesn’t it feels good to be home? {}

Tumblr – I post photos, African fashion tidbits, style trends, African models, my favorite things, and random celebrity sightings on my Tumblr account,

Advertising/Promotions– If you want to advertise, link exchange, or if you see something I’m not covering, then feel free to contact me, Chi-Chi, at

Twitter- Contact Me via Twitter where I chat with the likes of influential African celebrities.

Disclaimer: All rights are to their respective owners. Images, video clips, quotes and music on this blog is used for viewing, entertainment, and commenting purposes only. Contact me if you have a problem with the picture and music!

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