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Dr. Ben Igwe – “Against The Odds” Book Launch at Howard University

December 11, 2008

African Heritage Press invited Feels Good 2 B Home to Dr. Ben Igwe’s “Against The Odds” book launch which was held at Howard University in Washington, D.C. on Saturday evening. (FYI: I introduced “Against The Odds” as FG2BH’s Book To Know back in October.)

In attendance were members of the Nigerian and American literature community who were also Igwe’s peers from his college days. Harvard University Professor Emmanuel Obiechina reviewed Igwe’s novel. The three-long event was sprinkled with critical praise by members of the High Table including Dr. (Professor) Joy Nwagwu, African Heritage Press publisher Basil Njoku, and The Times of Nigeria writer. Njoku and Nwagwu gave the night’s best speeches.

Njoku talked about why he established African Heritage Press which he created as a means of Nigerian Americans/Africans connecting with their roots. Njoku expressed that he established the book company so Nigerian Americans/Africans here would understand small gestures – like greeting a elder in the morning with “Good Morning” and not with “Hi” or “Hello.”

Nwagwu talked about the cultural significance and impact “Against The Odds” has had on her children who learned where her open and loud attitude came from. Beforehand Nwagwu’s children did not understand why she insisted upon invading a person’s space while talking to them. (Okay doesn’t every African parent talk loud?! Don’t get me?! Refer to “You Know You’re African When” List for why.)

Dr. Igwe took to the podium to read hilarious excerpts from his debut novel. The audience laughed as he read when a elder advised character Jamike to send over his American girlfriends over to him. (Without giving too much of the plot away, Jamike’s mother Uridiya didn’t want him to marry a American woman.) Soon after Igwe held a book signing which many took advantage of getting a photo with him.

Watch The Photo Slide Show Here

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Basil Njoku (Publisher of African Heritage Press) with Dr. Ben Igwe

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