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Lou Sulola Samuel Out & About With Her Family

August 3, 2010

Lou Sulola Samuel, daughter of English soul singer Seal and model Heidi Klum, were seen out and about with her sister Leni and brothers Johan and Henry in New York City. As only a proud father should, Seal posted up the first photos of Lou onto his official website when she was born back in November 2009 with a touching song tribute.

Lou Sulola Samuel

The nine-month-old offspring traveled to the south of France with her family for vacation fun…on the beach, on the yacht, and on feet! Heidi just premiered Project Runway Season 8 (in a fab outfit) while Seal’s been busy promoting his current album, The Hits, and recording his upcoming album Committment. In the meanwhile check out this clip of Heidi and Seal’s debut at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show…

Lou Sulola Samuel Out & About With Her Family

Visit GOOD2BHOME for additional photos of Lou Sulola Samuel!



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